Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mobile Gaming: A Gift or a Curse

Mobile Gaming: A Gift or a Curse

Right from the time iPhone was launched, we have seen a lot of new applications and games in its app store, we have also noticed how they flood the market as a result of the creative developers we have. This has turned mobile gaming into a real platform that everyone can literally enjoy as long as they have access to smart phones, iPod touch, and other compatible devices. Technically, in this post, I will be talking about no other device than Smartphones and Tablets

One of the greatest rewards we have acquired regarding technology in this generation is having the capacity to make calls and play the game as well as perform other tasks all on the same device. Base on my last research, I found out that about 79% of 18-44 years old age group have access to their Smartphones for almost more than 22 hours every blessed day that goes by. This gives mobile phone users a lot of tasks to perform while they are idle or when they are waiting for any appointment.

Back to the topic of discussion, mobile games come in various varieties. We have the Free games, paid games or a mixture of both that is popularly referred to as 'Freemium.' If we notice almost all free games comes with an advertisement which has been enabled by the developer of the game whereas the paid games are without any form of advertisements because it will not be appropriate for a consumer to pay for a game and can't enjoy it peacefully.  Freemium games are often tagged or labeled as 'Free,' but the truth of the matter is that they are not 100 percent free. Most time the halt your game progress and they will keep bringing up misleading options that will put you in a situation where you have to decide if you have to pay or not. The purpose is to get you so hooked with an addictive business model that you feel enamored of spending money to continue. Granted, the issues bobbing up from this are aimed at the younger audiences coming into their apple identification and no longer realizing there's a rate, but it's an unsavory practice. It's much like a sports demo. However, a completely restrictive one this is rarely consultant of a respectable gaming enjoy. As an end result, this has precipitated untold grief for many people mistakenly making bills which had been uncertain and typically growing a horrific flavor in consumer's mouth.

There is a worry in my thoughts that a phone way of life has made us all both less aware of what goes on around us, but also turning our brains on autopilot to an extent. At the teaching this morning out of 6 seats (break up into 2 units of three facing each different) each unmarried person turned into deep into their telephone swiping and tapping. We are in a virtual age so naturally anticipate this to be pretty regular and there's almost a stigma attached to you if you don't have a smartphone, but i can't help feeling a bit jaded that most would spend all day with monitors in workplaces and the natural instinct is to look at every other display on the way home. People leave out teach stops, lose music of time or even have been close to having an accident on foot across the street because of playing on their phone. Make no mistake, smartphones will only get extra advanced and greater time sapping enticing addictive video games will arrive

In large part because of the complexity of mobile games we can now tweet, share and socially integrate ourselves with our digital counterparts. Possibly cynically it is a manner to boost manufacturers' digital footprint below the guise of competing along with your buddies for a high score. In previous times the laptop opponent turned into the best pinnacle score that mattered, and now you are up in opposition to the world - a daunting challenge if ever there has been one, but empowering nevertheless.

Shady DLC practices and social tracking aside, cellular gaming will apparently keep emptying each time and money from many consumers however ultimately levitating any notion of boredom that ever existed while you educate breaks down, your female friend is overdue, or you've had that dodgy Indian curry and are 'otherwise engaged'.

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