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Top 3 Best Gaming Desktop

Top 3 Best Gaming Desktop

Are you in need of a new gaming desktop for the next-generation games that will soon be lunched? Then you will need know to go for market research to enable you know what the market has to offer when it comes to brands, pricing and of course the quality of configuration of the system. It is not and will never be a good idea to just jump straight into your car, go to the shop and purchase any gaming desktop brand you see.

I will advise because it is a good idea to take your time and know what each and every brand has to offer. When it comes to installing hardware, a lot of brands seem to rip off others. In this post, I will take out time to list a few brands you should always watch out for. These brands are well known, and they do produce quality products.


Apart from producing good and quality laptops, Acer is perfect for creating gaming desktops, most of this desktops are popularly known as  "Predator, "  but most people call them G-series. All Predator G's are configured for a guaranteed maximum performance, and they do come in a high and affordable model when you compare them to the computing powers that they provide.

They are usually equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, that have up to 16 gigabyte  of computer memory and one of it's tremendous feature is that it comes with a high-end graphics card. This gaming desktop is a want to have.


Alienware system is a co-brand of Dell  computers and they are strictly focus on the creation of high-end gaming desktops. Although a lot of people do think that they pay more for this particular brand whenever they are  purchasing the Alienware desktop system or laptop, but they don't consider  the high quality that goes into each  and every of the products that are produced by Alienware. Alienware desktops might be very much expensive, but  as long as they do offer durable and high graded models no one cares. The good thing is that there is a feature of upgrade-ability.

As at when this post was written, there were two types of  Alienware desktops series, they are the X51 and the Aurora. Now, The X51 focus mainly on compact desktops, but you should not let this mislead you because they have already integrated the latest in computer processing as well as graphics.

As for the Aurora series, they are fully-sized gaming desktops that pride themselves with a solid overclocking as well as efficient liquid cooling system. The price of these type of desktops start from somewhere withing the range of 1400 USD, however they do worth every single penny they cost because there is  no brand (as at when this post was written) that is able to produce a desktop that is strictly focused on gaming and  the feature of high-fps during game play is available.


This gaming desktop is one of the new  brands  in the market, but it became widely known as a result of their builds. They are able to create desktops in a wider array of budget sizes, which starts from cheap desktops that are very capable of running most of the modern games that are on high image quality setups up to the high-end machines that are incorporated with the latest  computer hardware.

iBuyPower most latest brand is known as Revolt, one of it's great feature consist of the tiny desktop design which would have looked  like a gaming console. All of it's designs were strictly  optimized for efficient use and for powerful hardware installation.

Note: This Post was written in 2013. I published it again as a reminder of what gaming desktop brand was all about then compared to now.

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