Saturday, July 22, 2017

Violent Video Games And Why You Don't Play Vidoe Games As An Adult

Why You Need To Stop Playing Video Games At Adult Age

A lot of people feel that there are certain video games which are too violent and they are not suitable for our children because they can cause an adverse effect on our child's mind or way of reasoning. As a matter of fact, this may be true but not 100 percent correct as I have had my own experience when I was a kid.  In my early years as a child,  I was allowed to play violent games, but as an adult, I don't hang out with bad gangs looting as well as stealing stuffs from other people just as we witness in the game Grand Theft Auto. I enjoyed playing games that are similar to Grand Theft Auto because they gave me a bit knowledge on how the street is been operated. As a child I was not that perfect in school because of the time I spent in playing video games, but nevertheless I learnt intelligent things about the streets and how to survive the street without getting into trouble. 

In this generation, some people would claim that playing violent video games do put dirty ideas in the minds of kids and they will end up to be a gangster.  In my own point of view, I will say whatever one learns in a video game, She or Ho will someday eventually get to come across it somehow in the real world, and I would be better to expose your kids early in advance about the environment. 

The sole thing is that a kid could turn out bad even without being exposed to a video game as a result of bad parenting. So if your children end up using swear words (either learning them on video games or not), it should be corrected immediately by letting him, or she knows that it is unacceptable. 

There are a lot of violent games that exist, and they do consist of killings. But honestly speaking this should not be a big deal when it comes to our kids playing these games, if only we as the parents of the kids could settle down and educate our children about the consequences of these games then we truly have nothing to worry about because we will be on safer ground.  We should make sure that our kids do understand the implications and dangers of practicing Any scene of the game in the real world. As i said earlier, they must surely come across such scene in the actual world at a point in their life either by hearing in the news or on the internet, so of what use is it to deny them the right to enjoy these video games?

I will never stop using my self as a case study. When I was a kid, I was madly in love with video games to the extent that I will skip meals and even skip school, even now as an adult i sometimes do not have a right amount of time to sleep. Though as a kid, my madness for video games was as a result of not having a lot of responsibilities then or let me just say I had no responsibility at all then. We all know that as a kid back then we derived a lot of joy in doing nothing other than to play with our fellow kids. Let's consider it like this, as a kid,  I never had a car to go to any place of my choice, and this gave me a lot of reason on why I should just sit and relax in my room flexing my video games. 

As I grew up and was able to drive, I always drive to friends' houses much often and that reduced my interest in playing video games. So when you grow up, you will come to realize that there are a lot of responsibilities here and there waiting for you and you are left with little or no spare time. If you seem to be left with little spare time, you will have to invest it in something important that will input more money to your bank account. This is simply because as an adult most of your needs will have to be taken care by you and by the time you have to realize that you have a massive bill to take care of then your urge for a video game will dry up. Therefore, as an adult, we invest our time on something more important than a video game. 

Another reason why we stopped playing video games as an adult is that some set of people earn a living via this 9 to 5 job which amounts to them working 5 - 6 days in a week. So during the weekends, they don't go to a worm, and you will not expect them to be wasting their time playing video games. 

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