Thursday, August 10, 2017

Battle Of Gaming Consoles: Nintendo Wii Vs Sony PS3

Battle Of Gaming Consoles: Nintendo Wii Vs Sony PS3

There is always something new in the video game industry every holiday. We have seen a lot of competitions in the previous years especially on the recent gaming hardware produced by Nintendo. This contest was between them and their first class rival Sony. 

We are all aware that Sony are the producers of PlayStation games and they had this amazing PS3 which is a high-end game. It consists of HD graphics, Blue-ray disc drive which offers high quality images and a 60GB hard disk. When it comes to pricing of the game console components, the 60Gb version hard drive of PS3 was sold at the rate of $600 while Nintendo Wii was sold for $250. The Nintendo Wii has a Wi-Fi, and it also have an SD memory card slot. It can display pictures and also have a DVD drive, but the disadvantage of the DVD drive is that we are yet to see it play movies.

Nintendo have this unique device called Wiimote (gaming remote) as well as multiple libraries of games, and these are what is keeping them in the game business. When PS3 was produced and was introduced to the gaming market, its main feature was the amazing graphics, but as at then the gaming option was slightly limited, it had an inventory of 20 games. While Nintendo Wii was developed with about 62 games were available.

According to reviews in PC World, there are clear differences between the two devices. The PS3 have a 1080p HD (High Definition)  graphics which is the current graphics quality for gamers, while the capability of Wii graphics is limited to SD (Standard Definition). It is identical in value to Play Station 2 Video game console. As mentioned earlier, Nintendo Wii have an unprecedented remote game control which makes use of a motion-sensing tech. It enables gamers motions with the remote to be imitated in the game. A pass needs a passing motion with the Wiimote when playing soccer.

The instinctive character of the Nintendo Wii remote is its ability, and it is cheaper compared to PS3. The Nintendo Wii comes with an extra controller that is known as the Nunchuk. The Nunchuk is a kind of joystick device that functions in inline with the motion-sensing remote.

What makes the Sony products unique is the graphics as well as it numerous uses. As at when they were both introduced in the market, their value made them an exciting market contest because they have different characteristics.

The PS3 is a high priced gadget in the market, and this is because of its multiple features. It can play DVDs, you can view your digital images, it comes with an inbuilt browser which means you can connect to the internet. The graphics are impressive, and it is accompanied with unique game inventory that will be useful as a first timer. It has a new game controller which uses the tilt feature that is awesome when it comes to motion sensitivity. 

With the Nintendo Wii console, Nintendo made the decision to forego the digital video wars in other to concentrate on a simple box with exclusive controls that was manufactured for pleasure. The Wii console is able to play GameCube games, and it has been launched with a whole new component of the chart-busting Zelda game. Even though the Wii console have not successfully done a lot to upgrade its image quality, it has included a significant new dimension to the gaming experience by itself.

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