Thursday, August 3, 2017

Top Popular Categories Of Video Games

Top Popular Categories Of Video Games

The increment of video games have been growing rapidly every century and generations, which only implies that our gaming industries, both foreign and local are really doing everything possible to meet up the demands of the market. They are achieving this by developing a lot of games in various categories which are far better than that of the ones drawn up by the past generation. Today you will notice that they are a lot of video games category containing various games that have been advanced in all aspect by the developers and this got every gamers confused regarding selection.

Every one of us have our own list of video games that we love playing, and we derived joy in playing those games, but many do not know the categories these games fall into. In this post, I will be listing out some of my most favorite games as well as the categories they fall under, and I will do this base on the features of the games.

First Person Shooter: This group of games is built pointing to the player, and it is being played by his own perspective. First Person Shooter games consist of different guns and different types of dangerous weapons, there are games in this category that include samurai and other styles of combat that involves swords and knives. Players are required to have a moderate level of concentration when playing the games that fall under this categories, that is why various people often play these games because they do not need much experience to gamers.
An example of games under this category is BioShock, Half-Life, call of duty, and much more.

RPG (Role Playing Games): This is one of the most addicted and traditional categories of games in the industry today. These games consist of story boards that have multiple quests for players to perform. The more they carry out this quest, the higher their level increases. The players have their own roles which they do play.
An example of role playing games are Worlds Beyond, With Great Power, World Tree, Valley of the Pharaohs, Vampire (the dark ages), Victorian Adventure and much more.

Real Time Strategy: Games that are under this category are strategic games, they are mentally challenging, consist of complex and demanding tasks, and it involves a lot of thinking. Games under this category are always criticized because it requires a lot of patience and tactics.
An example of Real Time Strategy games is Command and Conquer, Supreme Commander, Stronghold, War Hammer, and much more.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games: This is also referred to as MMOGs, and the games under this categories are trending every day in this present generation. This group of games consists of different sub-categories which include real time strategy, first person shooter, RPG, e.t.c. But they involve a lot of players that are connected to the internet at the same time. In this present generation we, we prefer MMOG's that are in 3D models because they have amazing graphics and features.
An example of games that fall into this category includes Runescape, Free Realms, Gods of Time and much more.

There are various types of video games I did not list out above which we are already familiar with, for example, actions and adventure. For one to have good gaming experience it is advisable to explore the gaming world, in another word, explore games under various categories so that you will be able to discover latest video games in town and the old ones you never came across.

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